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FOCHA is designed to fit your favorite specialty coffee varieties and your preferred coffee roaster. 


Brand Ambessodor, Can UMSU



What is the best thing about FOCHA?

Heat isolation. In the area where the roaster is located, the roaster does not radiate heat to the environment due to the high insulation. Except front surface, you can touch the machine during roasting process. But you still don't do this all the time for other safety reasons :)


What is the price of FOCHA?

Please save 2 minutes to fill contact form to get a quote


Can I use Artisan - Cropster programs?

The automation system used is suitable for Cropster and Artisan connection. You can monitor the roasting process with third-party software applications, but you cannot control the parameters.


What are the burner type and its features?

Premix heating system is with homogeneous heating flame through the drum and uniformly distributed surface heat. There is also safety for fire back. The flame is easily arranged according to requested heat which guides the low fuel consumption whilst processing the balanced roast.


Warranty and conditions?

Under normal use, maintenance the warranty period is two (2) years from date of delivery. Please contact us to get more detail roasting equipment limited warranty.


Why should I buy FOCHA?

FOCHA is a roasting machine that can meet the needs of high-performance, fast-response burner, temperature, gas, airflow controls, data analysis, automation, heat insulation, and space-product relationship, especially of specialty coffee roasteries. It has a system that can be integrated into sustainable carbon emission design and automation studies in the future. FOCHA is an investment in the near and far future.


Is there any training for roasting and/or to use FOCHA?

The green coffee bean are transformed into different compounds by the Maillard reaction, carbohydrate caramelization, and pyrolysis of organic compounds thanks to roasting process. Changes and chemical reactions in coffee compounds that occur during roasting affect the flavor, chemical balance and human health of the coffee beverage. Three days training covers roasting fundamentals, how to create roasting profile, how to approach specialty coffee beans and maintenance and cleaning for FOCHA.


Can I customize my FOCHA?

This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to edit the content and make sure to add any relevant information that you want to share with your visitors.


Where are the shipment routs of FOCHA? 

Shipment can be provided to any point where sea and/or land transportation is available.


Describe FOCHA in 5 words.

Aesthetical, automated, durable, sustainable, space-friendly.

Turkish commercial roasting equipment maker Garanti is launching a compact 6-kilo-capacity drum roaster this summer called the Focha, designed specifically for compatibility in settings where roasting and retailing are combined.

DailyCoffeeNews , Howard Bryman | July 27, 2022

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