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FOCHA is a professional-level shop-size coffee roasting machine that combines function with aesthetics. It is prioritized that no external parts that the user does not need during the usage process are distracting. By increasing the insulation by x2.5 compared to the commercial roasters in the market, the heat inside the machine is prevented from spreading to the outside, allowing the operator to work for a long time at room temperature, and the effect of non-wide areas from the process is reduced. With the possibility of automatic use, the user saves time and increases consistency and quality in production. In addition, the upgradable system guides the user about maintenance and cleaning, which simplifies and prolongs the product's usage process. The future of FOCHA aims to enable the user to access high-end products with accompanying apps featuring by 2024, where users can operate, control the roasting process and share roasting profiles with the specialty coffee network.

Brand Profile

Garanti Roasters company that has been in the market for 72 years, providing coffee roasting and grinding machines solutions and services to coffeeshops, wholesalers and industrial coffee processing facilities in Izmir, Turkey. Starting a new era for the company, the name FOCHA appears to debut the new business model, focused on the specialty coffee enthusiasts audience, especially coffee roasters and key look designed coffee shops owners. FOCHA is just the beginning for Garanti Roasters to share our inspiration, motivation, and creativity in one place. We are happy and honored to be awarded by Specialty Coffee Association with the best product of the year in the roasting equipment & tools field. We are the very first Turkish coffee roasting machine manufacturer who succeeded to get great prestige worldwide. Each year, SCA in the World of Coffee event organizes the competition to excel the motivation in the coffee industry and roasting equipment field is to recognize excellence and innovation in tools designed for roasting coffee. Includes commercial roasters, sample roasters, and other roasting equipment, as well as analysis equipment and control software. The traditional shop roasters have been shaped by the pragmatic design concept and have made the products aesthetically interlaced. FOCHA, the representation of our new design culture, is presented with a cultural pastel color chart by capturing a pure form that stands out with its plain and minimal details. Simplicity is the key to its brand. The honest design leads the product to be unique, easy to associate with, simple, and distinctive. Turkish blue is chosen as the main tone of the product, which can highlight the high-key look with flair and unique color in the roasting area and make the space more tranquil and advanced.


FOCHA is raised as a shop-size modular coffee roaster that can use with an energy-saving premix gas burner. The design of traditional roasters are products that are shaped in line with the pragmatic needs of the end consumer and are detached from their architectural and spatial context. FOCHA presents a modular and compact design structure embracing contemporary artisan coffee shops and considering average-scale shops. Apart from that, unlike its predecessors ergonomically, it offers high heat insulation, ease of maintenance/repair, and an auxiliary automation feature that excels the experience of the coffee roasting process and also improves the quality of output.



GRS Pro coffee profile roasting allows for the precise control of temperature and time, which enables coffee roasters to create specific flavor profiles (drying, browning, and development) for different types of coffee beans and then repeat and analzye. The process involves inputting the desired roast profile into the roasting machine, and the machine takes care of the rest. The master roasters need carefully controlling solution for burner, heat transfer, drum speed, air flow to achieve a specific flavor profile for specialty coffee and standardization for commercial coffee. •15’inch screen touch screen real-time monitoring of phases of roasting process provides overall controlling skills in all parameters. •All production-related data can be traced, saved and shared (email address and computer connection) at all times •Display target and real comparison depending on set profile system in easy to use UI. •Sophisticated graphical display with data management system where you can analyze and receive report. •Several safety features to ensure that the roasting process is safe for operators and the surrounding environment •Open for sustainable development to be integrated cloud system

GRS Pro automated coffee profile roasting is a sophisticated technology that allows for precise and consistent roasting of coffee beans, which can result in high-quality coffee with a specific flavor profile. The machine uses a combination of sensors and algorithms to monitor the temperature of the beans and adjust the heat accordingly. It also controls the airflow and the drum speed, which all play a role in determining the final flavor of the coffee. GRS Pro controlling system over roasting process leads offering a wider range of coffee flavors and customization options, coffee profile roasting can help roasters attract more customers and increase their profitability. This is because consumers are often willing to pay more for high-quality, unique, and customized coffee products. The sensors adjusted FOCHA ensure with high quality software. The roasting process is performed within safe temperature limits, preventing overheating or combustion to have fire suppression system, temperature monitoring and control for emergency.


"Consistency in quality,  precision in repeatability,  safety in production"

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