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As Garanti Roasters we wanted to present a visual collection inspired by awarded design FOCHA coffee roaster. In order to open the door to opportunities, Form Building Collection as a poster series was designed to deliver new ideas for adding value to the brand identity system. FOCHA, the representation of our new design culture, appears this time with nine identical poster designs with a featured cultural pastel color chart named “AEGEAN WAVES, FOCHA STONE, GOLDEN BEAN, GRADE NATURAL” by referenced core elements of form building. Using the brand’s values of honesty, uniqueness, and simplicity, is to inform the design process and fundamentals of roasting. The target audience of this work is coffee lovers. FOCHA visual collection comes as a set for in-store display.

STONE, ROAST, ISOLATE, MODERN, DESIGN, EASY, LOOK, DROP, PROFILE flow is capturing the entire process and the processor, here we aimed to enlarge the roasting experience delivered with brand identity to communicate with knowledge and creativity. The work needed to look as good as the product takes the attention of people to display at coffee shops. So that collection was reflected uniquely highlighting the inspiration of the FOCHA roaster, roasting process, and specialty coffee.



The FOCHA Form Building Visual Collection embody a digital synthesis of simplicity and minimalism, reflecting the seamless integration of organic coffee elements with the geometric elegance of the FOCHA machine. This artistic harmony is crafted digitally, ensuring clarity and visual impact in every print. The series, with its simplified visual language, invites viewers into a space where coffee art and technology converge. The bold yet streamlined designs serve to captivate and educate coffee aficionados, sparking conversations about the craft behind their daily cup. The posters are not just visual art; they're an immersive educational tool for the coffee community.

Project Details


In an era where brand distinction is pivotal, the FOCHA poster series was conceived to encapsulate and communicate the innovative spirit of modern coffee roasting. It's designed to address a gap in visual brand storytelling in coffee spaces, transforming walls into narratives that engage and educate enthusiasts. These visuals not only reflect FOCHA's unique design philosophy but also serve as conversation starters, deepening the consumer's connection with the craft of coffee. Relevant in today's visually-driven culture, the series enriches the customer experience, fostering a richer appreciation for the roasting process.


The FOCHA poster series stands out in the coffee culture landscape by translating the ethos of third-wave coffee into visual art. It innovatively captures the essence of our advanced FOCHA roaster and conveys it through a medium that's both contemporary and striking. Each poster supports the brand by embodying the principles of modernity, simplicity, and sophistication that FOCHA stands for. In a crowded market, they serve as beacons of the FOCHA identity, showcasing our commitment to the art and science of coffee, and resonate deeply with coffee enthusiasts who value both aesthetics and quality.


The FOCHA poster series encapsulates a 70-year legacy, aligning with the contemporary shift towards specialty coffee culture. It champions creativity and innovation, essential to the brand's ethos, and is pivotal in attracting industry partners. Socially, the series stirs engagement and conversation, fostering a community around our shared passion for coffee. Environmentally conscious, the designs are digital-first, reducing print waste and promoting a sustainable message. Commercially, the striking visuals and identity-rich colors enhance in-store experiences, drawing attention and solidifying the brand's presence in a discerning market.

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