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PIR COFFEE EXPO - Garanti Roasters in Moscow

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Greetings from Moscow. It's exhilarating to share the details of the exhibition PIR COFFEE 3-6 October, which we attended for the first time as Garanti Roasters and where FOCHA was introduced, discovering how vibrant and growing the coffee world is in every aspect.

Moscow, resonating with the culture itself from figures like Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Stanislavski, and Tchaikovsky that quickly come to my mind, to the people I spoke to during my trip, the parks I visited, statues, theater stages, bookstores – is practically a city where the coffee industry is meticulously cultivated.

As the only Turkish manufacturing company participating in the PIR COFFEE event at the Crocus Expo, we had productive and busy days.

FOCHA is not just a design, it's a conceptual product.

In 2022, FOCHA, chosen as the product of the year in the roasting and equipment field by SCA, was presented to participants and visitors with its "Aegean Waves" color. The origin of the design, brand identity, and color selection from cultural touches caught the attention of everyone, we could say. The gentleman who said, "Where did this beauty come from?" undoubtedly made our day, I must mention this with a smile. :)

Generally, three questions were posed about FOCHA. I want to share them with you along with their answers.

1. What is the price?

Please request a quote :

2. What makes FOCHA different from others?

visit :

3. What is the profile roasting system?

Youtube link upcoming..

With FOCHA, Garanti Roasters breaks its traditional line, offering a user experience by integrating modular design and technology with engineering services. FOCHA, with its burner system, usage precision, insulation structure, airflow control precision, profile roasting system, and user interface, has been launched as the first step of a conceptual project, developed specifically to meet the needs of quality coffee roasters. I will be sharing very important developments with you towards the end of the year.

FOCHA opens the door to deliver new ideas.

I must also express a few crucial details about the fair. The natural FOÇA stone coffee grinder offered by Garanti, which has a large and historical career in coffee grinding and milling, the ULTIMO steel-disc filter coffee grinder for shops, and the GS powder mill that everyone asked, "What is this?", were undoubtedly the most entertaining and intriguing products of the fair.

For more information please check our product catalogue and let us know when you have questions.

See you next year.

Увидимся в следующем году.

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