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Highlights of 2023

As we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome the new year, we would like to share with you what Garanti Roasters have accomplished throughout the year.

We see the gradual end of the post-Covid impact and can say that the coffee industry is recovering and growing. The value given to education is noticeably increasing even within a year.

The search for aesthetics, as much as brand identity and value, along with competitive pricing and options that provide a quick return on investment, are increasingly sought after. In a period when economic balances are being updated, this situation is very normal and appropriate.

2023 was a year for Garanti Roasters focused on standardization and automation processes, and on the other hand, it was a year of exhibitions. Let’s check out:

First exhibition in hometown Izmir, Türkiye

This year, we participated in the Izmir CoffeeExpo, which was held for the first time. FOCHA in Aegean Waves color, traditional coffee grinder with natural Foça stone, and the Atlantica 20 roasting machine with its special color automation system took interest and admiration. We would like to thank Tunç Soyer, the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality specially, who visited us and listened to our story with enthusiasm.

World of Coffee 2023 Athens, Greece

At the World of Coffee fair hosted by Athens, we participated with our FOCHA in Grade Natural color and our most preferred product for its price-performance balance, the Pacifica 12 roasting machine. It's important to emphasize that this event, organized by the Specialty Coffee Association, is the best place to follow coffee industry trends. At this event, visitors not only see the products and services of the exhibitors but also witness competitions in this field.


2023 Coffee Design Awards World of Coffee Athens – participation in “Branding” field

In 2022, with FOCHA, we won the SCA best new product in the roasting field award in Milan, which confirmed that Garanti Roasters broke out of its traditional shell and embarked on a path grounded in engineering and design efforts. This year, under the name of FOCHA experience, we competed in the Coffee Design Awards 2023 branding field with the form building visual collection poster collection, inspired by the FOCHA roasting machine. Serving the trio of Space, Production, and Consumer, this collection, which narrates the roasting process and relatives, consists of 9 separate works of art.

More details:


Oh la la! The eye-catching pink shade of Pacifica 2

I'm a coffee bean, in the Pacifica machine,

Life in double drum, roasting's never been so fun.

You can set the heat, airflow, and the beat,

Calibration, roast's my inspiration.


привет Mосква! PIR COFFEE EXPO Notes

As the sole Turkish manufacturer participating in the PIR COFFEE event at Crocus Expo, we experienced productive and bustling days. We recommend reading our specially prepared blog post for more details about this fair, where we participated for the first time and introduced FOCHA.


So, what is next for 2024?

The coming year will be one where you'll hear and see more about FOCHA. As we are in the process of preparing educational content, you'll have the opportunity to access more detailed information about FOCHA. We will proudly experience and share the justified pride of fulfilling our mission and vision values with two projects we plan to launch in 2024. Stay in touch for upcoming announcements about the project content soon.

Thanks for all support and being part of Garanti Family!

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