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Well-placed 3 mm thermocouples, simultaneous acquisition of temperature data of drum and exhaust, and results being graphically illustrated, each step of the roasting process being reported by the operator are the facts that increase the efficiency of the operation. Double wall-drum with speed control, increased heat insulation structure, gas-saving premix burner, and automatically adjusted exhaust flap system are the factors that provide flexibility for users in the roasting process as well as demonstrate the potential of the coffee beans as required. Specialty coffee roasters can meet their desires for a roasting profile of coffee beans, the development process, extraction type, the discovery of curve software, and speeding up and down the roasting process with FOCHA.  By the property offered by the panel, the operational problems can be solved easily and can be handled remotely, and the barriers will be eliminated for a perfect cup.


high qualified and sustainable product

Meeting the rising and challenging demands of the coffee and food industries with its innovative, high qualified and sustainable products and services by using domestic resources and showing regard to world standards in production and management, Garanti places great importance on research and development on the basis of products and services. According to current client feedback and market research, most of the business require to have a production structure that has homogenously roasted coffee, well-tracked system in terms of factors that affect roasting profile and where statistical analysis is possible by advanced computer systems.

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