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It all started in 1951, at the times when Master Mustafa, who was mentioned “uncle” by anyone who has stepped into this industry, desired to produce grinders in Konak Chestnut Market Çerçioğlu Inn, at a 7 meter squared workshop by blending together the valuable energy of Aegean pearl İzmir and its passion for coffee.

 In those years, due to lack of technology, Mustafa Uncle could determinedly produce each mill by hand. However, this incapacity did not limit him, on the contrary, it turned into light in his journey of making his vision real. As the first person to introduce an automatic printing press grinding machine to Turkey in 1958, he achieved a big jump in the industry. This big jump he made not only became a signature of himself but also the firm “Garanti” that he bequeaths to us. So, was this signature possible with only one success?

     Close your eyes and say the first words that come to your mind when you think of a «firm». Is it product, service, customer, or money?
How about the words that first come to your mind when you think of Garanti Roaster?
To have information about the factors that make a firm unique, first, the characteristic of the brand must be observed. Garanti is a huge family including its employees and customers, a company that caught the vision of abroad and is proud to announce itself, a partner who always gives an ear to everybody’s demands intimately and transparently, a confiding safe harbor like its name represents. It has been a precious firm with the purpose of always keeping the spirit of the first day it was established while going for constant growth and self-improvement. In brief Garanti Roaster is much more than an identity of roasters and mills and grinders manufacturer.

    Süleyman Umsu, who has been ensuring the company’s international recognition since 1993, expresses the company’s path as follows: “We process domestic business resources in production and management by observing world standards as much as possible. By analyzing the increasing and changing demands in the coffee and food industry, we strive to meet them with innovative, high-quality, and sustainable products and services. The work we do is guaranteed, just like our name. Garanti Roaster always strives to successfully continue to be a company that finds the answer to the question «what more can I do?».

     Especially in the last 15 years coffee, has always succeeded to be an important part of our lives with its scent and the environments that it creates. At the beginning of the day, at our work breaks, on a visitation to a neighbor, in the rituals of our traditions, that is to say, coffee is everywhere. With the motivation of the power created by coffee in our lives, we have been producing our products that lead to unique experiences each day since 1951 in our modern factory located in Izmir Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone and bring them together with coffee lovers.

Our Mission

To meet the increasing and changing demands of coffee and food sector with innovative, high quality and sustainable products and services by using domestic business resources and processing world standards in production and management.


The vision is to reduce the carbon footprint and to use the machines that are capable of producing green and long-lasting products, and are used by the operators all over the world with exceeding high satisfaction level.

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